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Nick Breckons: 1, Mackle: more is a game that asks the question: "Could you find Idle Thumbs podcast host Nick Breckon hidden amidst a sea of 300 Macklemores?"

What if that Nick Breckon doesn't want to be found?

One player uses their PC to scroll around the world searching for their podcasty quarry.

The other player uses their mobile device to control Nick Breckon, using his special powers to posses and move into the bodies of nearby Macklemores. Every Macklemore he leaves behind becomes a secret Breckon, and he must try to upset the balance of power by replicating until his numbers are Breckonmore.

The game requires two players (one PC, one Android) but features full online multiplayer so you can spread the Breckon between friends no matter how far apart you are!

If you enjoy this nonsense, please consider donating. I would really appreciate it!

This game was created in about 2 weeks for Wizard Jam 5.

Absolutely everything created by: Nick Kornek


Special thanks to Nick Breckon for the photos.

06/29/2017 - V1.2 The Big One

  • Adjusted frustum culling to SIGNIFICANTLY boost performance of android version. Should now run at near 60fps on most modern android devices (instead of the 10-15fps it was getting before).
  • Added shadows back into the android version now that it has enough performance bandwidth to handle it.
  • Added a feature to fade out objects that are blocking the camera on Android (objects will still obstruct the view of the player on PC, this is intentional).
  • Added a version indicator to the home screen so that you can ensure both players are running the same version.
  • Added an outline to the victory and loss text to make it stand out against the background better.
  • Added a fun sound effect to the ring of busting.
  • Made the "Previous body" button disappear while moving so that you can't trigger it while you're already in transition.
  • Increased speed of camera movement and improved accuracy of camera syncing over the network.
  • and much, much more!

06/29/2017 - V1.1.1 Oops

Accidentally left some debug stuff in the previous build.

06/28/2017 - V1.1 First Patch

Slight improvement to performance on Android and the scoreboard will now properly display how many macklemores outnumber you (instead of just how many are remaining total).

06/22/2017 - V1.0 Initial Release

Holy crap it's finally finished! Still many bugs to fix, and the performance on mobile ranges from "leaves something to be desired" to "stop motion animation" but all of the gameplay is there and functional.


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