The Sad Story of a Modern Idiot.

A Walking Simulator by Nick Kornek

Created for Wizard Jam 4, based on Idle Thumbs Episode 290: The Sad Story of a Modern Idiot.

Note: May not work in the itch app. Please play in your browser if you experience issues.

Published Nov 28, 2016
AuthorNick Kornek
Made withTwine
TagsTwine, Walking simulator, wizardjam


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RE: "walking simulator"
BEST EVER true-but-misleading description. 

Superb word choice! With just a few key phrases, I was able to imagine the general vibe of the neighborhood -- no specific environment details or images needed.  

Granted, that probably betrays my status as a young(ish) cosmopolitan urbanite. But then I'm probably the intended audience for this game anyway.

Very good! Funny, clever, but also hit a little close to home. Maybe my life is the sad story of a modern idiot? Likely. At least I don't trip as much as I did playing the game...


Deep down, we're all sad modern idiots.


I enjoy the rhetoric. I reminds me of meditation techniques that instruct you to concentrate on inhaling and exhaling rather than the arbitrary thoughts that come into mind.


Very funny and well-observed!