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I'm super late to the party but I ran across this game in the suggestions and just had to play it. I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream / Half-Life references at the same time!? Of course I downloaded it!
It was simple and fun to play through, really good for a Gamejam game. Sorry I was so late to play it, but I'm glad I found it. Keep making games! Thanks for this one. Enjoy the Lumps Plays (with visual commentary whaaattt?!)

Cheers. 🍻

Interesting idea, and clever use of the crowbar. Gave it a play on my channel and had fun, plus linked it back here. Thanks for making this!

I think the paper in the crates disappeared, or I lost it, but i enjoyed the game.

Well, this was different, heh. I liked the idea behind it, with it taking place on the ship, and getting to smash boxes is always a good time. The graphics were decent and weren't overly simple looking like some games, and the voice work was pretty alright as well. Good job on this parody piece.

Hey, I recorded a quick video on your game if you'd like to check it out!

Loved this 10/10.


I'll be reviewing this game on my channel, it will be an honest review