A downloadable game for Windows

Build the Nublar is a park builder about managing chaos. Fill your park with dinosaurs, knowing that it's only a matter of time before they break free and kill your guests.

Created over the course of 2 weeks for Wizard Jam 2016

Game by Nick Kornek (@nkornek)

Music by Patrick Ripoll (@PatrickRipoll)


29/05/2016 - v0.3.1 Fixed a bug where ships could pile up in the bay due to faulty pathfinding.

23/05/2016 - v0.3 added raptors and triceratops, fixed various minor bugs, and rebalanced DNA costs.

22/05/2016 - v0.2 updated to fix some UI issues on lower resolution displays

22/05/2016 - v0.1 Wizard Jam submission deadline release!

More information

Published197 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorNick Kornek
TagsCity Builder, dinosaurs, hubris
Player countSingleplayer


Build the Nublar v0.3.1.zip (176 MB)